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Speaking from personal experience, it can push your career to new horizons. You will be respected in the organization, and it will most likely lead to greater visibility and progress in your career. You can apply for CISA certification only after you pass CISA exam with a minimum passing score of 450 at the CISA certification exam. You will download the CISA certification application, fill it, pay $50 CISA application processing fee and submit it to ISACA. Once your application is approved, you will get your CISA certificate.

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Finally, we have CFA exam fees at $3,000, again, before the purchase of a CFA review course. As you can see, the CFA exam is more expensive than the CISA at each stage in the preparation process. Furthermore, when you register for the exam, you will begin your exam eligibility period of 12 months . If you do not schedule and take the exam during this time, you will forfeit your exam fees.

CISA® Certification

Your preliminary exam results are provided immediately when you finish your exam. Start your CIA Exam preparation with our Instructor led live classes and practice questions through our e-learning portal. The annual maintenance fee is incurred by certified CISA professionals. Every year, ISACA members incur a fee of USD 45, whereas non-members incur USD 85 every year for maintaining their ISACA credentials. Certified professionals will recieve an email confirming the status.


Under such circumstances, only professionals with IS audit skills would be at an advantage. CISA Certification is the means of attaining the required skill and qualification to perform these tasks. Information security auditors, information system consultants, IT auditors, chief compliance officers, IT security managers, and professionals who satisfy the requirements can pursue CISA Certification. The job roles earned because of CISA Certification and the training prior to it are based in the IT domain.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Jobs by Salary

So, getting a hands-on experience of these concepts can help you accelerate your career. It is a high-paying career that provides the cloud engineer with an average salary of 5.4 LPA and the salary ranges between 3.0 LPA to 12.8 LPA. The engineers could get more salary than what is mentioned owing to their experience and upskilling history.

Day-to-day activities involving completing tasks listed under at least one of the CISA job practice domains. These hours must be appropriate to the currency or advancement of the CISA’s knowledge or ability to perform CISA-related tasks. The use of these hours towards meeting the CPE requirements for multiple ISACA certifications is permissible when the professional activity is applicable to satisfying the job-related knowledge of each certification. Maintaining your CISA Certification means maintaining an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in the field of information systems audit, control and security. CISA certification is one of the most recognized credentials and acts as a global standard for Business Systems and Information technology for professional who audit, access and control data. Minimum of 5 years of professional work experience in information systems auditing, control or security.

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Accounting is the core function of business and is being executed more efficiently through IT audits, which demands these professionals. Candidates who enroll in CISA Training gain insights into the latest practices followed in the field through our experts. Our trainers engage individuals in case studies and discussions which helps in mastering the techniques of IT audit. In addition, individuals can select either live-online instructor-led sessions or in-classroom sessions as per their convenience.

Therefore, the study materials cost anywhere from $40 for a study guide to $300+ for the official CISA review manual and question database. You can learn more about CISA review courses in my comparison of some of the best options. Mercury Solutions is one of the most renowned training centres for CISA with an elite clinical and trainers with over 10 years of experience. Mercury Solutions also provides Mock tests, LMS access, Video recorded class sessions, 90-95% passing score and more for candidates to secure a CISA certificate with the highest score.

CISA professionals who pursue a role in the IT field earn higher salary packages than non-certified professionals. Prove your expertise in IS/IT auditing, control and security and be among the most qualified in the industry. 70% of the students who have taken the CISA certification program have experienced a certain level of improvement in their professional careers.

I want to know more about the training program. Where can I get CISA training near me?

The Cloud computing engineer is one of the most common job titles in the IT industry. The Computer network specialist and analyst is another job title where the professional designs and develops a variety of data communication networks and systems. Computer support specialists working in the IT industry help organisations evaluate their network systems and ensure their daily operations. Database administrator, information technology analyst, information technology leadership, information security specialist, software developer, and web developer are a few other job roles in the IT industry. IIT Delhi through its Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning spanning 7 months. By dedicating 4 to 6 six hours per week for 30 weeks, students can develop a strong understanding of ML and data mining models and leverage the knowledge to solve real-world problems through useful data insights.

  • Reviews of our students who completed their training with us and left their reviews in public portals and our primary website of ACTE & Video Reviews.
  • ISACA certifications instantly declare your team’s expertise in building and implementing and managing solutions aligned with organizational needs and goals.
  • Candidates should contact their local institute to verify the requirements.
  • These courses typically cover the technicalities of product planning, market research, product development, and user design.
  • Upon registration, CISA exam candidates have a twelve-month eligibility period to take their exam.

You only need to practice developing an auditor’s mindset and reading about the auditing process deeply. Meet the experience requirement of 5 years in CISA Job Practice Areas (information systems auditing, control, and information security.) Experience waivers are available for counting toward CISA certification eligibility. ISACA CISA certification has been among the top-paying IT certifications for many years. It is administered by ISACA , which also offers other certifications like CISM and CRISC. But CISA is the gold standard certification for the information systems auditing profession.

A CISA certification can ensure that you have developed all these skills. The Certified Information Systems Auditor is a certification offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association . The CISA certification is a globally recognized certification for Information Systems Auditors, and it is considered the de facto standard for professionals in the field of information systems and audit.

The certification of CISA is designed to assist professionals in acquiring knowledge of advanced auditing techniques that can be applied to Information Systems. Professionals with CISA Certification in Chennai are recognized internationally further distinguishing them from regular professionals. Organizations look forward to hiring professionals as they possess a comprehensive understanding of IS audit procedures, policies, and guidelines.

Consider the concepts and analysis of risk assessment and management. To have an idea about CISA certification salary, read our post here. And if you want to know what is CISA, click here to read everything about this life-changing certification. CFPTM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment is the marks licensing authority for the CFP marks in the United Kingdom, through agreement with FPSB. BIL’s commitment to being at the forefront of the current and evolving practice of business has led to programs that reflect the realities of the marketplace.

Our CISA course is developed to deliver a first attempt pass rate of 100%. With a hands-on learning approach, the training not only gives you the confidence to clear the exam but also helps you retain the knowledge beyond the examination. You’ll make the CISA certification experience simpler by gaining practical, hands-on work experience in IT Security. Although similar to financial and resource audits, IT audits have a very different scope, dealing primarily with information. CISA aspirants should have a fair idea of business processes, audit scope definition, audit planning, and reporting.

This course is intended to prepare an individual to take the CISA certification exam. The course covers the domains required to pass the exam and provides practical examples to help understand the concepts. We serve over 165,000 members and enterprises in over 188 countries and awarded over 200,000 globally recognized certifications. What’s more, anytime you consider earning a certification, you have to know that you are making an investment in your career and, consequently, your future as well. You can’t get a top-level job in information systems auditing without the CISA.

Degree and serve different purposes and both of them have their respective value. Degrees help one in getting an understanding of the concept and building the foundation, whereas the certifications help in getting an advanced understanding and building up on the foundations. To the recruiters, both of them matter as they seek professionals who are constantly improving themselves and can help the organsiation with their skillset. With this, we come to an end of our discussion on the best IT certifications 2023. Each one of these courses is an excellent learning option for beginners and working professionals. Software developers, tech managers, testing, and coding professionals find this course of study relevant to their line of work.


Moreover, due to the knowledge derived from the work experiences shared by the course instructors, candidates can easily ace the exam. CISA Training makes the candidate well-versed with every possible aspect of the security and audit processes in the IT domain. The transition of organizations from manual to digital environments has increased the significance of this training course. CISA Training in Chennai is conducted by Unichrone through various training modes.

  • Students get to learn about Agile Methodology for Integration & Deployment, Software Lifecycle, SDLC Processes, and CICD Pipeline.
  • Work experience substitutions are allowed for a maximum of three years.
  • In addition, individuals can select either live-online instructor-led sessions or in-classroom sessions as per their convenience.
  • To the recruiters, both of them matter as they seek professionals who are constantly improving themselves and can help the organsiation with their skillset.
  • A CISA certification can pave your way towards becoming a successful IT auditor.

The good news is that content that might only have been available in one area of the world will now be cisa certification in indiaible to any CISI member despite their location. This module gives an overview of the best practices deployed by IT auditors during disruptive times, and various methodologies useful in operation, maintenance and support. CISA Live Online Training from Mercury Solutions is an engaging, instructor -led course that enhances employment opportunities of the professionals in COVID and post COVID era.