My Favorite Podcasts on Work and Psychology

Cofounders David Johnson and HBS graduate Anthony Tayoun discuss the future of this culinary cobot. How far up the white-collar value chain is automation pushing and what’s the optimal mix of human and machine intelligence? Bill Kerr interviews Daniel Dines, co-founder and CEO of robotic process automation giant UiPath. High on the list of what makes a good job is the opportunity to advance.

  • Lewis is Partner and business leader for Mercer’s Singapore Career business.
  • How do you factor the Golden Rule into a profit and loss statement?
  • Competing companies rely on the performance and wellbeing of their workforce to help them succeed in today’s competitive arena.
  • And this is what emotional trust is about, caring and demonstrating that you care.
  • Sam Harris engages fearlessly with controversial topics and unpopular opinions.

Some people say, “But I love seeing people, and I love video.” It’s like, actually, you may love video, there’s also a lot of data that suggest that certain people in certain cultures and geographies have very different preferences. So it’s not just about you, it’s about how effective you want to be. The second type of trust, emotional trust, takes longer to achieve.

Podcast: Is Remote or In-Office Work More Productive? (According to Psychology)

The brainchild of corporate chief human resources officers at Accenture, Lincoln Financial, ServiceNow, and Verizon has signed up hundreds of businesses looking to place idled workers remote work podcast or fill open positions. Accenture’s Nicholas Whittall and Mary Kate Morley Ryan discuss the initiative. The pandemic underscores US workers’ need for help with caregiving obligations.

  • The versatile scholar and policy expert also reflects on her career path and her role in promoting diversity in the field of economics.
  • CEO Peter Quigley discusses how employers and workers are approaching contingent work, Covid-19’s role in driving innovation and flexibility, “hidden workers” and what’s behind the Great Resignation.
  • In this week’s episode of the Digital HR Leaders, David features ChartHop’s very own VP of People & Talent, Emily Connery, and Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, Ivori Johnson.
  • Dr. Ben Butina interviews Dr. Logan Watts, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Arlington, about his background and research.
  • In the first level, Jamie and I talk about how a good workplace is like a videogame and why that’s a cool topic for book.

Iron Mountain CHRO Edward Greene explains how the 70-year-old records management company is developing talent internally and staffing up to enter new markets. If it’s cool for girls to code, why aren’t more women working in technology? And why are working mothers in all sectors finding it difficult to establish and maintain careers? Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code and Marshall Plan for Moms, shares her formula for structural change.

#36 – The importance of mental health in times of home office and remote work

As the AACC enters its second century advocating for community colleges, it looks to bolster their workforce development capacity and their ability to foster upward mobility. As jobs give way to skills as units of work, training is following suit. Udacity’s relationships with Fortune 500 companies, universities, and national governments inform its practical online training in technical and business skills. CEO Gabriel Dalporto discusses Nanodegrees, experiential training, government policy, lifelong learning, and the importance of aligning skills training and business objectives.

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Have you ever wondered how people who are not qualified for the job get hired for management positions? While the Great Resignation was topic of conversation a year or two ago, today’s concern is Quiet Quitting. What is quiet quitting and how does it differ from the great resignation? Who is most affected by this new development and how? Our cloud‑based platform and solutions help digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make work flow.

Ep. 81 – Building and Implementing an Effective Leadership Program (Panel + Audience)

In this episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, David is joined by Phil Wilburn, the Vice President of People Analytics at Workday. Phil has an outstanding background in the field of people of analytics, and today he and David will be discussing the positive impact the people analytics function is having on Workday’s business outcomes. Remote work resources on employee performance within the hybrid work environment.

  • Managing the Future of Work project co-chair and podcast co-host, Joe Fuller joins Eric Olsen on Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University.
  • Intermountain Healthcare’s roughly 40,000 employees staff some 200-plus businesses, from food service to operating rooms.
  • Welcome to Speaking of Psychology, the flagship podcast of the American Psychological Association that examines the links between psychological science and everyday life.
  • San Antonio’s Project Quest brings to the task decades of success in advancing upward mobility in underserved areas.
  • Computer-assisted language translation has come a long way, but for many jobs, you’ll still need a human in the loop to avoid inaccuracies, tone-deafness, and cultural insensitivity.
  • Large firms aiming to innovate or achieve a degree of agility increasingly look for outside help.
  • This makes it difficult for employers to protect trade secrets, and puts the overworker in a tough spot with divided loyalties, trying to keep from giving one employer an unfair advantage over another.

Be sure to check out the episode page for a full transcript of my insane ramblings. In this week’s podcast, we go on a journey with Tiffany Monroe, Chief People & Culture Officer at H&R Block, on how she is transforming H&R Block’s people strategy to better align with the company’s ambitious growth goals. In this discussion, Tiffany shares, the various phases she and her team have taken to implement their new operating system, BlockOS and real-time results, the impact the pandemic has had on the strategy’s progress and her key learns.