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We are compliant with the requirements for continuing education providers (as described in sections 10.6 and 10.9 of the Department of Treasury’s Circular No. 230 and in other IRS guidance, forms, and instructions). Identify the options available for valuing exchanged property, and the use of boot in calculating profits.


An accounting system will automatically make a paper trail for all your expenses and income, so it can make IRS requests much more manageable. Some accounting systems also have mobile apps that you can check on your phone and see when payments and income come in. You should always send rent statements out on time and ensure tenants are paying on schedule.

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As such it provides a first introduction to the Real Estate Accounting Course Value of Money concept and to Appraisal. The curriculum incorporates site visits, case studies, expert perspectives and industry-standard software tools so that you learn how the theory ties to practice. Your course projects will include completing valuations for actual retail centers and office buildings, and a capstone development project that includes site selection, market analysis, project completion and resale. The real estate transactions accounting certification program is primarily designed for professionals who aim to fully understand how to apply certain accounting rules to real estate transactions. The course covers the accounting for real estate sales, property exchanges, and time-share intervals.

Is real estate accounting difficult?

Though there are many advantages to owning and renting real estate, it's not without its challenges. Property management accounting, for instance, is more complex and challenging than accounting in other areas of business.

You don’t need to know everything about accounting and all the practices, but you should be willing to learn certain skills and make sure you know how to make choices concerning growth and profits. We’ll leverage all these new features to establish a reporting system tailored to your business. Recognize the types of entities that can be classified as common interest realty associations, as well as the accounting for special assessments. Identify the main characteristics of lease accounting as it pertains to rental arrangements. PayHOA is a dedicated HOA management tool with a wide range of features and notable customer support, though with no mobile functionality. It has a good balance of features, though it misses some critical features such as work order management and calendar management.

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For example, shopping center property managers may be involved in tenant merchant associations, joint promotions and advertising. It involves more time than, for example, a single tenant industrial property, where the primary management function is accounting-based control, reporting and monitoring. Students discuss ways to modify and apply accounting theories to real estate transactions in this course. Course assignments introduce enterprise-level accounting principles and techniques for tracking profits and costs. Additional topics include accounting models for internal cost accounting for real estate transactions.


It also reveals the related financial statement presentations and accompanying disclosures. In addition, it describes the accounting related to the rental of property, and investments in real estate ventures. In short, this course is the go-to reference for discerning the proper accounting treatment for a real estate transaction. The real estate professional needs to be aware of the accounting rules for real estate, in order to avoid adverse reporting outcomes. Real Estate Accounting covers the accounting rules for every type of real estate transaction, which can be used to structure real estate deals appropriately. Because of the somewhat complex nature of real estate transactions, accounting for these may also become confusing.

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Developers specialize in residential or commercial development, and they specialize by property size and type. Lending on construction projects is the most complicated end of the financing spectrum. It involves all of the concerns of the permanent mortgage lender as well as absorption risk, construction cost risks and delays, and other concerns. Construction lenders are often hired from among the ranks of experienced mortgage lenders. Supports suppliers and building engineers who benefit from understanding the basics of real estate management.

  • You must complete the core curriculum and business curriculum plus your major requirements, along with the two required minor courses and one elective, as outlined below.
  • Multifamily mortgage lenders act much like commercial mortgage lenders with more emphasis on property analysis including market trends, tenant review, income and expense review as well as the value of the subject property.
  • TenantCloud is a great option if you want something more customized for property accounting than generic accounting software but don’t have much of a budget.
  • Technical reviews are extremely beneficial since they provide a significant number of views and recommendations for improved testing.
  • These are two very different sets of tasks and should be kept separate to maintain accurate accounting.
  • I’ve also learned a lot from students of the first course through the REAB community and our live Q&A sessions.

The book begins with discussions on introduction to the industry and basic real estate accounting. Organized into ten chapters, the books addresses types of entities, key principles of real estate investing, limitations on loss deductions, and like-kind tax-free exchanges. There is also information on using ratio analysis and models for decision-making, long-term construction contracts, and synthetic leases. This revised second edition features a chapter on “T” account examples, and partnership and REIT accounting.

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However, nowadays, you’re doing yourself a great disservice if you’re not using accounting software of some kind. So, let’s quickly touch on the 1031 exchange rules, including the 1031 exchange timeline. Using a 1031 exchange to exchange investment properties allows you to defer capital gains tax, but it’s what that tax deferral will enable you to do, which leads to the real benefits of a 1031 exchange.

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