Software for Enterprise Asset Management EAM

Reporting and BI Business intelligence tools are growing in popularity and usefulness. In EAM, this is apparent in the reporting capabilities many systems offer. Users can harness BI to gather data from daily operations like average asset downtime, enterprise software for 2030 MTBF, depreciation, sensor readings and more. Asset tracking offers insights into assets’ conditions and life cycle progression. It lets you plan for updates, budget for replacements and prepare for any changes that may hinder an asset’s function.

Improve productivity through structured asset planning, maintenance and scheduling. Reduce the number of systems used to track and manage your assets and employ the best interface for the environment you are in. A centralized view of the operation incorporates data from all types of assets, regardless of source or location.

enterprise asset management software

Engage is a family of self-service portal products that extend the power of FacilityForce to the community you serve, enhancing communication and improving customer service. EAM solutions arose as an extension of Computerized Maintenance Management System . Remaining vigilant about security and maintaining compliance with industry standards are part of our commitment to our clients. Protecting your organization from cyberattacks is a full-time endeavor that grows more demanding, specialized, and sophisticated every day. Automatically load-balance tasks based on existing volume, without losing work orders.

What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software?

In addition, an EAM saves time and reduces errors by automating workflows, such as issuing work orders and reordering spare parts. Enterprise asset management is a mix of software, services and systems that helps you to make the most of equipment and assets, from machines to property and vehicles. Use it to track asset-related data, including maintenance and compliance; and combine it with enterprise resource planning to take a strategic approach to your assets.

Move from corrective maintenance, when repairs are made after a problem occurs, to preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance, when repairs are made because data indicates imminent failure. Boost efficiency by planning maintenance schedules so that you always have the time, people, parts and tools to keep assets running. Typically found in very large system configurations for enterprise deployments, a one-time fee model involves a large upfront cost but limited monthly costs. This can save a company money over time if they are invested in the software and intend to use it for several years. Many EAM systems, especially cloud-based packages, are offered as subscription plans based on the number of active users.

According to IoT analytics, connection to the IoT, which is expected to have 27.1 billion connected devices by 2027, lets you plug your enterprise EAM software into physical components like sensors and meters. This creates a continual feed of data that improves visibility, streamlines common tasks and reveals trends within your organization. Inventory Management Stock and inventory are assets too, and EAM manages them in addition to equipment and vehicles. From spare parts to maintenance tools, EAM software helps you stay organized. Asset Life Cycle Management Depending on your organization’s industry, managing your assets can be a side note or the bulk of your business.

How does Enterprise Asset Management help maintenance teams optimize their operations?

Efficiency and productivity matter, today more than ever, as cost-cutting measures are at the forefront for many companies. Facilities management software solutions come in a variety of types with one of the most popular being Enterprise Asset Management . We’ve focused on EAM systems for this post and the asset tracking, maintenance management, and operational efficiency they can provide.

Ultimo’s EAM system is exceptionally well represented in the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, infrastructure and utilities sectors. For increased productivity, our user-friendly software can be used on a desktop, tablet and smartphone. The best way to confirm whether our software is a good fit for your organization is for us to discuss your specific challenges and goals, so let’s talk… The great progress and accomplishments thus far were only made possible by the excellent work of our joint project teams and the outstanding teamwork and collaboration of their members. We’ll continue to work with FacilityForce on the implementation of more modules and we look forward to this continued great partnership that we’ve built with FacilityForce.

Want to gain greater visibility into the performance of your individual and collective assets?

This program has paid special attention to the unique needs of extended heavy equipment fleets such as military vehicles and aircraft. It represents a great option for maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations worldwide. IBM Maximo seeks to transform how organizations manage assets and is a fully integrated EAM platform. With advanced analytical tools and access to Internet of Things data, Maximo helps users visualize important data to make better decisions. Companies can choose from three deployment models to find the best option for their needs. Fiix is an EAM software that helps you manage all aspects of your company’s physical assets and infrastructure.

  • With reporting, dashboards and integration, it provides access to all asset-related data on a single, integrated platform.
  • Customizable dashboards and detailed reporting give key decision-makers insight into the business so they can make data-informed decisions about their assets.
  • And it could help you to increase productivity and capacity, while helping to minimize scrap rates and issues with product quality.
  • Collect key performance indicators for your entire facility to make better business decisions.
  • Seamlessly connect courts, public safety, and supervision agencies to ensure safer and more efficient operations for correctional facilities.

Market Planning & Site Selection Build faster and increase revenue with automated data collection and analytics. Field Service Management Oversee and optimize the mobile workforce outside your company’s central office. Event Management Gain seamless control over and better visibility into your workplace and campus events. Meridian Ensure complete, accurate and up-to-date engineering information management. Accruent Observe for Energy Management Lower costs, reach energy consumption targets, and meet carbon-neutral goals.

Enterprise Asset Management Services

HxGN EAM can integrate with a variety of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition , Building Automation Systems , Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence systems. Built-in BI module for pre-built/custom report generation (asset location, asset status, asset work orders, etc.) and statistical tools for asset modeling, asset scoring and visualization, etc. ML-based recommendations on an optimal date for drill bit replacement and maintenance. Alerting to order important inventory parts based on the inventory shortage situation. ML-based identification of abnormal patterns, predicting possible breakdowns and expected time to failure. Single repository of all information and resources required to perform tasks and manage work order schedules.

enterprise asset management software

Developing corrective and preventive maintenance strategies for different asset classes . Scheduling asset inspection and asset maintenance based on asset history (date of procurement, the number of equipment running hours, etc.). Registering, tracking, and searching for assets by type, location, contract details, serial number, etc., for a facilitated asset auditing process.

This software will help you develop your EAM capabilities and provide tracking for your assets through their entire lifecycle. As a solution known for its flexible design, it can be customized to the needs of your organization regardless of size. As the industrial internet of things grows, organizations should include connected reliability principles in their enterprise asset management plans.

Work order management

4Site is a complete EAM program that collects all your important facility management details in a single place. The software gives you access to a complete set of tools for managing maintenance, materials, and finances. These capabilities go far beyond maintenance, and the system provides accurate and real-time data. Pricing of many packaged solutions depends on the number of assets managed/users, thus developing a custom enterprise asset management solution may be more cost-effective.

What is EAM software?

The embedded app search function is also very easy to use and has answers to most questions and functions very well as an instruction manual. UpKeep has been a great program to set-up and customize to our specific industry. They are always updating and coming out with new features that really allow you to fine tune your maintenance program.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions

Materials Management The logistical function that manages all raw components of a supply chain falls under the purview of materials management. If your organization produces any kind of product from raw materials, you have to closely monitor those materials to ensure proper transportation, usage and implementation. This can make it easier to manage and maintain the assets as well as plan for future acquisitions. Having a clear overview of your organization’s assets can also help in identifying and eliminating any redundant or underutilized assets. Brightly Asset Essentials is a facilities management application and the flagship component of the company’s IWMS technology suite for educational institutions and other industries.

Attach parts/products/tools to maintenance tasks for increased accountability. Gain real-time visibility into your business and save time from double data entry. With robust reporting, you can act upon trends faster and accelerate the growth of your business.

What Determines Enterprise Asset Management Software Success

Both CMMS and EAM platforms will typically include work order, inventory management, and preventive maintenance capabilities. Another important aspect of both software types is the ability to customize the software through integrations and programmable workflows. This gives a company the ability to select a program that meets their core needs and then scale that solution as their business grows and expands. XAssets Enterprise Asset Management is a complete solution for all IT asset and fixed asset management needs.